pop&stay is a web app that lets you create a personalized and interactive guidebook. This digital guidebook lets your guests discover all along their stay essential informations recommended tips. It allows you to be in touch with your guests wherever you are and offer them a lasting welcome greeting. It’s great for guests to discover all expected information and enjoy a wonderful stay in.
Yes. Right now pop&stay can be used on your desktop, on IOS or Android devices. No need to download any app for you or your guest.
Of course you can ! You create as much guidebooks as you want, according to your number of accommodations.
This might be because you have created an account before with same mail or password. Click on need help on the login page to retrieve your password through your email or name. Please if you are still experiencing this issue and you definitively cannot log in after you follow our first attempt.
To change your account notifications, select « My account » on your dashboard and tap on « Edit » button. Change the fields concerned and click on « Update ».
You can add a profile photo. Select « My account » on your dashboard and tap on « Edit » button. Tap on Image file, download your photo and click on « Update ».
Choose the section concerned and the right field, then select the pen picto to change your information and tap « Edit » or « Save » button.
Save time if you have several accommodations in copying entirely your guidebook with « Duplicate » button. Then you have to select all sections in the duplicated one to change fields if necessary.
You can delete your guidebook and you will be obliged to confirm after two messages from our staff to avoid typing error.
Yes, you can re import your guidebook if you deleted it just 2 weeks before your request. After this deadline, unfortunately we won’t be able to provide your guidebook’s backup.
Do send our video support and/or pdf named « How to feel close when you are far away » to your guests with your booking confirmation mails before their arrival. They will get an easy use information about how to tap the MOB according to their smartphone (IOS, Blackberry, Lumia or Android).

If they are still experiencing such issue, ask them to type in their smartphone’s browser (Safari, google, Firefox, Bing…) the short code printed on the pop nameplate beginning with POP.LINK/(…).
If your guest’s smartphone is not NFC enabled, they have to type in their browser the short code printed. Please contact if you are still experiencing this issue and your guest definitively cannot get access to your guidebook.
To experience pop&stay solution, users must check if their smartphone is NFC enabled and well activated in settings. Do approach, as contactless payment, your smartphone to the pop and tap it few seconds to hear a ring. If user’s smartphone is not enabled NFC (Iphone…), type in the smartphone’s browser (Safari, google, Firefox, Bing…) the short code printed to enjoy all pop&stay features.
Yes of course, all smartphones are compatible with our pop technology, in tapping or typing.
The best places to fix your pop nameplate :

- On the door : Guests will automatically watch it and use it when they will close or open the door all along their stay. - Close to your light switch : Guests will discover it and use it when they will switch on the light after their entrance.

Do not leave it on a table or in a movable way, otherwise guests or cleaners will be inclined to take it away.
Your dedicated pop nameplate is easily attachable to a wall. It can be fixed to the wall with 2 screws or with double sided adhesive tape.