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Multilingual menu

Discover an interactive menu translated in your favorite languages.
Offer to your foreign customers an easy and pleasant digital menu.
Add and update your menu in one click.

Order at table

Give to your customers the opportunity to order courses at table with their smartphone.
Combine your order process between waiters and connected tables.

Good deals

Offer Good deals to retain and attract new customers.
Enrol your prospects and share with them your news, special offers, loyalty card.

Certified Review

Increase drastically your monthly customer’s reviews.
Take control of your e-reputation.
Boost your revenue and gain exposure.

Export review

Export your authentified reviews to booking sites.
Improve your ranking and notoriety.
Decrease fraudulent and fake reviews.

Pay at table

Coming december 2016

No more lining up, save time for your waiters and bar staff Faster, safer & easier payment with smartphone.



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