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Our start’ up located in the USA and in France since 2014, has developed a unique and patented embedded technology, pop&link.
We are connecting all your daily objects and make them communicating with your customers. From restaurant tables to rental accommodations and more, our technology provides beyond a proof of presence, digital features and a unique customer experience with no commitments or app to download.
Our team, based in the USA and France, is focused on customer’s ease of use and innovation to preserve and enhance customer relationships and make the world of IoT accessible.


the growth of reviews with the use of a pop


of authenticated reviews by a proof of presence


app to download to use the pop

Our worldwide patented technology

Our embedded technology is revolutionizing IoT, opening up new opportunities in all kind of businesses.
Based on the customer's smartphone and a tiny hardware device with no battery, the pop (proof of presence) connecting daily objects, popandlink certifies customer’s proof of presence, authenticates their actions and helps your business to collect all the data related to your customer experience.
With a superior ease of use, this technology is in "pull" mode for your customers without the requirement to download any application, and provides digital services without limits. More than just an innovative technology, popandlink is a new connected lifestyle.

Investor & Partners

Investor & Partners