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No app, just tap

More than just an innovative technology, popandlink is a new connected lifestyle.

Pop&link turns background physical objects into centers of digital engagement
and revenue through a simple tap of your smartphone

The pop technology
a customer-centric solution

Business area

pop&link is a worldwide patented embedded technology, allowing instant “on-demand”
information whenever and wherever your customers require and without
the need to download any app.

Use cases

Rent your accommodation ?

No apps to download.

Interactive guidebook for 5-stars hospitality.

Get the most out of your space and neighborhood for your guests and get back certified reviews posted from your accommodation.

Tools with customized visual checklists for Housekeepers, cleaners, handymen.

Own a restaurant ?

No apps to download.

Tired of fake reviews from booking sites ?

Take control of your e-reputation with authentic reviews posted from your restaurant.

Offer more free sustainable services directly from your tables to retain and attract customers .

Investor & Partners

Investor & Partners